Hilarious Audience Participation - Everyone is a part of the show!  The magic happens right in the children's hands.
Amazing Magical Feats - Truly awesome magic which will have everyone wondering "how"?
Giveaways  - Everyone gets a magical giveaway!  Everyone is a winner!
Individually Tailored - Remember, not only are the magic words, "Happy Birthday [name]", but the Birthday Child also helps Bernardo to perform the 'feature trick' in the magic show! He/she gets a special magical birthday gift!
A combination of party games and magic show - a complete entertainment package designed to make children's parties trouble-free for organizers!
A selection of age-appropriate musical games in which ALL the children are involved ALL the time! No child is eliminated! Small prizes are provided for all the children.
A tailor-made children's magic show  with amazing magic tricks and audience participation. Giveaways for audience helpers and all guests included.
Children love learning and performing simple magic tricks! Parents also love that their kids are learning new and fun skills!
In the Magic Workshop, every child will learn a series of specially-selected magic tricks, suitable for their age group.  They are all supplied with the tricks and personalized instructions. They are even taught how to make their own tricks with everyday items found around the house.
For an additional cost, separate magic books and instructional DVDs can be purchased, so that every guest can go home with one each!
Balloons, Magic and Kids go together perfectly at any party or function! Bernardo can twist and create many appealing and amazing animals, weapons, wands, cartoon characters and wearable creations - such as bracelets and hats! Ensure that ALL your party guests go home with a memorable balloon souvenir - of their choice and colours!
Bernardo's balloon twisting service can be booked as part of his Deluxe Magic Party package OR as a separate segment of your function. 
Contact Bernardo to find out more about how Balloon Twisting can make your event  even MORE MAGICAL and MEMORABLE!